Avoid Virus Exposure by Banking Digitally

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As the COVID-19 Coronavirus advances and with flu season in full swing, area citizens concerned about catching or spreading a virus don’t necessarily have to go to the bank to complete their banking.

Instead of having to physically make the trip to the branch, Citizens Bank offers customers the opportunity to use online and digital services, through which they have the ability to handle their banking needs whenever and wherever they want. 

Citizens Bank strongly encourages customers to use digital and mobile banking services that can be accessed online from the safety and convenience of your home using a smartphone, device or home computer.  Enrollment in digital banking can be as easy as a phone request, with access credentials emailed to you, or a visit to the Citizens Bank website with enrollment instructions.

A wide range of digital banking services are available, including:

* Remote Deposit Anywhere – Deposit checks into Citizens Bank accounts by simply taking a photo of the check with a mobile phone or tablet to deposit the funds.

* Bill Pay – Customers can pay bills by transferring money from a phone or computer, eliminating stamps, envelopes or a trip to the post office. 

* Pay a Person – This option allows funds to be emailed to the bank account or debit card of a relative, friend or student. 

* Transfers – Transfer money between accounts with Citizens; for example, customers can move money from a checking account to a savings account, checking to a loan, savings to savings, etc. 

* Bank to Bank Transfers – Customers can transfer funds from their Citizens Bank account to an account at another financial institution.

Loan payments can be made through the bank’s website if the payment is coming from another financial institution.

Customers can request a debit card online, and it will be sent through the regular mail.  Also online, they can apply for and activate credit cards, or deactivate lost or stolen debit cards.

If a customer doesn’t have a mobile device or computer that allows them to use digital banking, they can still mail in payments or deposit transactions.

Transfers can be handled over the phone from one account to another account, or to make a loan payment.

Customers can pay bills through electronic transfer from a bank account or debit card.

The 24-hour automated Citizens Bank Telephone Banking line is also available (855-222-8225) to check account balances and access other services.

At Citizens Bank, we understand there may be instances where you or your business will experience financial difficulties because of the effects of COVID-19.  If that happens, please know that Citizens Bank is here to help, and you can reach out to us for assistance.

For more information or to enroll in online banking, call Citizens Bank at 870-793-4441, or toll-free at 855-350-8512, or visit our website at www.thecitizensbank.net/COVID-19-Help.

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