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BATESVILLE – March 13, 2014  – CeeBee the Money Bee, the mascot of Citizens Bank dropped by four classes at Southside Preschool to help students learn about money.  CeeBee visited the classes of teachers Rana Hilton, Vanessa Lancaster, Lisa McGhee and Jalesa Reed.

All the classes were learning about pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, so Citizens Bank added a fun quiz on the coins they were studying and what each coin was worth.  The visit included a presentation based on a series of questions, including:  Why do we need money?  What can we buy with money?  Where does money come from?  The students also discussed how money is earned and deposited in the bank. 

About The Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank of Batesville was established in 1953 by a group of local businessmen who shared a vision of creating a bank that would be committed to serving the working people of Batesville and Independence County.  Today, Citizens Bank is Independence County’s largest financial institution by market share, and has expanded its service area to include Lawrence, Randolph, Sharp and Stone counties.  The bank operates 10 fully staffed financial centers in Batesville, Cave City, Imboden, Mountain View and Pleasant Plains.

CeeBee at S'side Preschool - 1

Students in Vanessa Lancaster’s class welcome CeeBee the Money Bee to Southside Preschool.

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