Citizens Bank, Batesville Schools Honor Paula Williams and Diann Fry As ‘Above & Beyond’ Award Recipients

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BATESVILLE – October 21, 2014 – Citizens Bank and the Batesville School District have launched the third year of a program to recognize staff members who go “above and beyond” in their service to the district.  Paula Williams, Special Services/Homeless Provider at the Early Learning & Enrichment Center, has been named as the September 2014 recipient and Diann Fry, Art Teacher at West Magnet, has been named as the October 2014 recipient of the “Citizens Bank Above & Beyond Award.” 

Citizens Bank and the district created the award to recognize school staff members for exceptional service to students, parents, their school, peers and the district.  Personnel throughout the district nominate prospective recipients of the monthly award, which includes a certificate from the Board of Education and a $50 gift card from Citizens Bank. 

Several forms recommending Ms. Williams for the September award said she exemplifies what this award means.  Some sample comments:

  • “Paula always goes above and beyond to help our district’s highest needs students.  She helps stabilize the home life for the children so they can better learn at school.”
  • “Working with transitional and homeless students, Paula daily helps families face and meet challenges that are beyond the scope of what an educator does.  She not only helps these families in need but she helps them overcome their challenges.  She will always make sure that homeless children receive not only an education but a quality of life that all kids deserve.”

Ms. Fry’s dedication and diligence was cited on her nominations for the October award.  Three separate nominations referred to her as “awesome.”  Sample comments included:

  • “Diann has been extremely supportive of our students and works extremely hard to see that ALL students feel valued and creative.”
  • “Ms. Fry works to meet the socio-emotional needs of students through art, along with the academic needs and art frameworks.  I’ve also seen her give up her lunch and prep times to help students complete projects.”
  • “She spends her prep/free time working with kids all the time.  She volunteers to come in early and stays late to do extra duties.  She’s always putting students first and working with them at their pace.”

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Citizens Bank was founded in 1953 by business and civic leaders to serve the financial needs of middle income families and small businesses.  Citizens Bank works to improve the quality of life for all community residents by promoting educational opportunities, economic growth and innovative civic partnerships.

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