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As technology continues to advance, it becomes more frequent that scammers find new ways to call on individuals to collect sensitive and private information. We would like to remind our customers that criminals can use actual telephone numbers from anywhere, including your local bank branches to contact customers in an attempt to steal your personal identifying information.

They want such information as your name, address, account information, birthdate, Social Security number, email address, passwords or usernames.

Identity thieves can do major damage to you and your family if they are able to trick you into providing this type of information. 

We have been advised that thieves can, and may have, manipulated their phone to display Citizens Bank’s phone number on your Caller ID. 

The danger if you receive a call like this, is that it may be easier to fall into the trap of a crafty lie from a thief and trick you into handing over your personal information.

Be aware, too, that the caller may wait until you answer and then simply hang up.  When you call back, thinking the call was accidentally disconnected, you will actually be calling the criminal who will answer the phone as “Citizens Bank.”

If you receive a phone call from an unknown number, feel free to ignore it.  If it was actually a legitimate and important communication, Citizens Bank will leave a message. 

However, don’t call the number that appeared on your caller ID; instead, look up a different number for Citizens Bank that may you have on file or can find on a bank statement or online. We always recommend calling our toll free number, which is (844) 350-8512.

If you receive a call that appears to be from Citizens Bank, remember to NEVER give out sensitive information like your account number, your PIN number, your Social Security number, or any other personal information.

If the call is really from Citizens Bank, it is very likely that we already have that information and there’s no reason for you to provide it over the phone.

Our mission at Citizens Bank is “People First.” The identity safety of our customers is one of our highest priorities. To learn more about ways you can protect yourself from phone scams, visit Citizens Bank today to talk with your banker.

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