Name Description
Revocable Living Trust Can be used to avoid probate. It can be changed or revoked at any time during your lifetime.
Testamentary Trust Created by a will, the trust does not exist until the will is administered following one's death.
Charitable Trust Irrevocable structures established by a donor to provide an income stream to the income beneficiary.
Special Needs Trust Created to ensure that beneficiaries with disabilities can enjoy the use of property intended to be held for their benefit.
Life Insurance Trust Irrevocable, non-amendable trusts that are both the owner and beneficiary of one or more life insurance policies.
Self-Directed IRA An IRA that requires the account owner to make their own investment decisions.
Employee Benefit Plans Businesses realize the importance of providing their associates with a retirement plan that best meets their future needs.
Agency Accounts Provide support in managing investments without establishing a trust.
Corporate Trust We offer a variety of Corporate Trust Services and can customize our services to meet the needs of our clients.
Guardianship Services Protect estates of those who are unable to manage their own financial responsibilities.

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